DOMINIGHT’s UltraLight

Solar Powered Floodlight Cart


Dominight’s UltraLight isn’t just a massively bright solar powered light system; weighing just 35 pounds and equipped with heavy duty handles for carrying, and an extendable handle and wheels for manual towing, the UltraLight unit is ultra portable.


Fully environmentally sealed, the UltraLight unit is prepared for deployment anywhere in the world at the blink of an eye. Ultra-rapid setup and teardown makes the UltraLight unit the ultimate rapidly deployed tactical lighting solution.


Dominight’s proprietary lithium ion battery packs are engineered to deliver high performance in demanding conditions. The UltraLight sports an ultra-powerful 1.3 kilo-watt battery bank, allowing the system to power the LED lamp for over 30 hours on a single charge.

Ideal for powering communication gear, networking gear, small tools and for recharging cellular phones, computers and tablets. Outfitted with a 1500 watt AC inverter the UltraLight is an ultra-dynamic solar powered generator.



Technical Specifications

  • LED output = 3,300 lumen

  • Runtime = 30 hrs.

  • Solar input = 200 watt

  • Solar Recharge = 3 hrs.

  • Battery capacity = 1.3 kilo-watt-hr

  • Mast height = 10 feet

  • Weight (battery box) = 35 lbs.

  • Weight (solar array) = 25 lbs. t = 3,300 lumen

  • Lithium ion batteries

  • Solar powered

  • Photo-cell for automatic light control

  • Zero fuel / Zero noise / Zero Emissions

  • Lightweight and Portable

  • Rapid, one person, tool-less setup

  • Solar powered AC power