When your job site requires maximum lighting for minimum costs, there is no better option than DOMINIGHT's NG Solar Hybrid LED light tower. Featuring a 5.2 kW-hr lithium ion battery system, powered by both a 520 watt solar array and a TIER 4 diesel engine, the Solar Hybrid will out perform any other mobile lighting system in the world!

Standard equipped w/ a nominal 50 gallons diesel tank, and consuming only 1 gallon of fuel per night, the Solar Hybrid light tower is suited for 45 day refuel intervals! 

Featuring DOMINIGHT's dual source charging system, the Solar Hybrid is able to utilize renewable energy to supplement the power needed to operate the ultra bright LED light array, thereby rendering the system unmatched in overall system efficiency. 

Unlike our competitors, DOMINIGHT's Solar Hybrid light tower was designed from the ground up to provide unsurpassed levels of job site safety, dependability, and ease of operation and maintenance. Requiring user input only upon initial setup and 45 day interval site visits, the cost of ownership and operation is a fraction of traditional mobile lighting systems. 

The bottom line is that the NG Solar Hybrid provides more light, per dollar of operating cost, than any other mobile light tower in the world! 

Download PDF Spec Sheet HERE