Extreme temperatures. Long Nights. Remote Locations. These are the conditions upon which we thrive.


DOMINIGHT's products are proudly Made in America and are designed for optimal performance in the most demanding circumstances. Our goal is to build highly efficient gear that is durable, safe, and provides an excellent return on investment. Contact us to learn more about our exciting products. 

Rugged design, high energy density and tremendous cycle life, DOMINIGHT’s Lithium Ion Power Packs are the ideal power storage solution for grid tied backup power, solar power storage, and remote site utilities. 

Lithium Ion Battery Packs

DOMINIGHT's Next Generation light towers feature heavy duty LED fixtures, lithium ion cells, solar and wind power generation, and TIER 4 diesel engines to provide unprecedented safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Light Towers

Custom designed retrofit kits integrate with an existing ICE and transform outdated and inefficient equipment into powerful green machines. Reduce fuel costs and generate unexpected life and revenue from your fleet. 

Hybridization Kits