Dominight Solar LED Light Tower


When we say ZERO DIESEL, we mean it. That includes diesel used in generators, commonly deployed to recharge our competitor's solar light towers. Unlike the others, Dominight's NG Solar light tower is a 100% self-sustaining, emission free alternative to diesel light towers. A 1,300 watt solar array, coupled to a 10 kilo-watt lithium iron phosphate battery bank, enables Dominight's NG Solar tower to recharge daily, anywhere in the world.



  • 11.5 feet long

  • 7.5 feet wide

  • 7.5 feet tall (mast stowed)

  • 30 feet tall (mast erect)

  • 2300 lbs.


  • 10.4 kW of lithium iron phosphate storage

  • 1300 watt mono-crystalline solar array

  • 30 foot electric (hydraulic optional) mast

  • electric tilt of solar array

  • 25,000 to 40,000 lumen light output

  • 27 hours of continuous runtime (average)

  • daily recharge with minimal solar input

  • programmable timer / photo-eye / manual controls

  • electromechanical pan and rotate of LED array

 CLICK HERE to download the NG Solar Spec Sheet